Miki Sato “Na Mo Nai Hana”


Getting her major label debut this winter on SACRA MUSIC, Miki Sato’s debut single “Na Mo Nai Hana” was chosen as the ending theme song for The Irregular at Magic High School: Visitor Arc. The authenticity in her lyrics and her silky voice which is delicate yet powerful at the same time, sets her apart as a singer.


“Na Mo Nai Hana” is about nurturing a special relationship with someone, and the pain and fleeting qualities that can coexist in those relationships. The title of the song is referring to the hidden emotions that can blossom in your heart. There are flowers that you never knew existed, or flower that are not allowed to exist in this world. The song expresses the conflicting emotions of secretly blossoming and disappearing like a flower that no one knows about. The song reflects the emotions of the characters in the story, so I hope you enjoy it.

Ending Theme - "Na Mo Nai Hana" by Miki Sato

  • Mahouka TV Series
  • Mahouka the Movie