• Original Story
    Tsutomu Sato
    (Published in Dengeki Bunko)
  • Director
    Jimmy Stone
  • Original Illustration
    Kana Ishida
  • Screenplay
    Muneo Nakamoto
  • Character Design / Chief Animation Director
    Kana Ishida
  • Sub Character Design
    Asumi Hashimoto
  • Mechanical / Prop Design
    Wataru Inata
  • Art Design
    Yuho Taniuchi
  • Art Director
    Koki Nagayoshi
  • Art
  • Color Setting
    Sakura Komatsu
  • Monitor Graphics Design
    Yosuke Nanjo
  • CG Director
    Masaya Machida
    (Stimulus Image)
  • Director of Photography
    Takeshi Hirooka
  • Editor
    Kashiko Kimura
    (MAD BOX)
  • Sound Director
    Satoshi Motoyama
  • Casting Manager
    Kumiko Suzuki
  • Sound Effects
    Yuji Furuya
  • Music
    Taku Iwasaki
  • Animation Production
    Eight Bit


  • Tatsuya Shiba
    Yuichi Nakamura /
    Alejandro Saab
  • Miyuki Shiba
    Saori Hayami /
    Anairis Quiñones
  • Minami Sakurai
    Kiyono Yasuno /
    Emi Lo
  • Minoru Kudou
    Kikunosuke Toya /
    Stephen Fu
  • Erika Chiba
    Yumi Uchiyama /
    Erica Mendez
  • Leonhard Saijo
    Takuma Terashima /
    Mick Lauer
  • Mizuki Shibata
    Satomi Sato /
    Xanthe Huynh
  • Mikihiko Yoshida
    Atsushi Tamaru /
    Landon McDonald
  • Honoka Mitsui
    Sora Amamiya /
    Kimberly Woods
  • Shizuku Kitayama
    Yuiko Tatsumi /
    Ryan Bartley
  • Ayako Kuroba
    Maaya Uchida /
    Deneen Melody
  • Fumiya Kuroba
    Emiri Kato /
    Laura Stahl
  • Mayumi Saegusa
    Kana Hanazawa /
    Maureen Price
  • Kasumi Saegusa
    Eri Kitamura /
    Michelle Marie
  • Izumi Saegusa
    Aoi Yuki /
    Lisa Reimold
  • Takuma Shippou
    Tatsumaru Tachibana /
    Edward A. Mendoza
  • Gongjin Zhou
    Koji Yusa /
    Lucien Dodge
  • Retsu Kudou
    Hochu Otsuka /
    Stephen Mendel

Japanese / English


  • Season 3
  • Double Seven Arc
  • Steeplechase Arc
  • Ancient Insurrection Arc
  • Magic.
    A century has passed since it was established as actual technology.
    The two siblings enroll at a prestigious school for magicians called the National Magic University Affiliated First High School, better known as "Magic High School".
    Tatsuya, the older brother, is an “irregular” with a fatal flaw to his magic powers. The younger sister, Miyuki, is a star student with unmatched magical talent.

    The two's student lives were continuous days of incident after incident.
    Being attacked by the political association "Blanche."
    The meddling in the Nine Schools Tournament by the Hong Kong crime syndicate the "No Head Dragon."
    The Great Asian Alliance invading Yokohama.
    The appearance of the monster parasites that alter the minds of the people they attach themselves to.
    And the USNA army magician unit Stars' captain, Angie Sirius, also known as Angelina Kudou Shields, visiting Japan.

    After a year full of turbulence, the duo's lives were slowly changing as they became second year students.
    They were now living together with Minami Sakurai, who was sent to them by the Yotsuba Family, and Tatsuya has transferred into the newly established Department of Magical Engineering.
    Though he planned to live a peaceful school life with Miyuki by his side, the world would of course not allow such a thing...

    And once again, the curtain opens to a series of turbulent days.

  • The second spring since Tatsuya and Miyuki entered First High School has arrived.
    Tatsuya hoped to live a peaceful school life with Miyuki this year,
    but the incoming freshmen turned out to be just as rambunctious as the last.

    The younger twin sisters of Mayumi Saegusa, Kasumi and Izumi.
    And a student that feels a strong rivalry against the Saegusa Family, Takuma Shippou.

    The three cause a commotion soon after entering the school, forcing Tatsuya to take care of the aftermath.
    Meanwhile, behind the scenes, a mysterious young man called Gongjin Zhou was brewing a conspiracy to incite humanists into excluding magicians from society...

    Adolescence and conspiracy intertwine in the Double Seven Arc!

  • The Nine Schools Competition.
    Also known as the National Magic High School Goodwill Tournament of Magic Skills. It is an important event for Magic High Schools emphasizing practical skills.

    It is so important in fact, that it is not unusual for the tournament results to influence and determine the students' future paths.

    However, just one month before the Nine Schools Competition, all the Magic High Schools around the country received notice that a portion of the events would be changed.

    First Magic High School's President, Azusa Nakajo, panics, wondering why the events are changing and why at such an abrupt time. On the other hand, Tatsuya has some suspicions, as all of the newly added events have a strong military flavor.

    Still, changing the events was only the first step of a larger plan that has yet to pass...

  • After launching an anti-magician campaign on the media and meddling in the Parasite Doll's field tests during the Nine Schools Competition, Gongjin Zhou has left Yokohama and has gone into hiding under the wing of the Traditionalists, an organization of Ancient Magic users, whose sphere of influence is centered around Kyoto.

    Two months have passed since then, and one day, as the "National Magic High School Thesis Competition" is approaching, Fumiya and Ayako visit the Shiba household with a letter from Maya in hand.
    The letter's content was to "request" for their cooperation in apprehending the fugitive Gongjin Zhou.
    Why did she explicitly say "request" instead of "command"?
    Despite feeling skeptical of the situation, Tatsuya and Miyuki accepted Maya's request and head to Nara to then request cooperation from the Kudou family, whom are in conflict with the "Traditionalists."

    There, the two meet Minoru Kudou, a genius magician with power comparable to that of Miyuki's.