The irregular at magic high school The Movie -The Girl Who Summons the Stars-

The irregular at magic high school

The Movie



  • The long-awaited theatrical film is here!
  • A brand-new saga unfolds with an all-new story written by the original creator,
  • Tsutomu Sato.
  • And Tatsuya Shiba becomes a legend....
  • Set in a world where magic is embraced as a skill set,
  • the enormously popular light novels, The irregular at magic high school, by
  • Tsutomu Sato (with illustrations by Kana Ishida) tells the tale of a pair of siblings
  • and their friends - students attending a school known as “Magic High School” -
  • and various incidents that they encounter.
  • With cumulative sales surpassing 7.5 million copies, the light novels have been
  • adapted into TV anime, comic books, video games, and other media platforms.
  • And now, the long-awaited theatrical film has been green-lit!
  • Keep your eyes glued to the big screen, in which heroics of Tatsuya Shiba, the
  • most powerful of all, are brought to life….


  • Seasons have passed, and their second spring is almost upon them…
  • The “irregular” elder brother and his younger sister, who is an academic star.
  • Their first year at Magic High School is about to draw to a close.
  • Tatsuya, Miyuki and the others have decided to spend their spring break
  • at a certain private villa on Ogasawara Island.
  • They are making the most of their brief vacation.
  • That is until a young girl named Kokoa appears before them.
  • She has escaped from the naval base, and tells Tatsuya her one wish…


  • A first year at National Magic University Affiliated First High School, Class E. Due to “a certain deficiency,” he is placed in Course 2 (Irregular), whose members are scorned as "Weeds." He is skilled at designing CADs and other tech-related fields. He is very insightful.
  • Tatsuya’s younger sister. She is placed in Class 1-A. Enrolling at First High School with top scores and blessed with both talent and beauty, she is elite even among the Course 1 students, referred to as “Blooms.” Her specialty is Freezing Magic. Her one lovable flaw is her “severe brother complex.”
  • Tatsuya’s classmate. A member of Class 1-E. People are drawn to her for her positive aura and beauty, and due to her upbeat, fearless nature, she often ends up entangling others in her scrapes and causing a commotion. Her family is esteemed for its prowess in kenjutsu (sword techniques). Erika herself is skilled at swordplay-based combat.
  • Goes by “Leo.” A member of Class 1-E. He has a foreign-sounding name because his father is half-Japanese, and his mother is quarter-Japanese. Boasting elite-level athleticism, his specialty is Fortifying Magic. Friendly by nature, he has been friends with Tatsuya since they started at First High.
  • Tatsuya’s classmate. Somewhat ditzy, but earnest by nature. She wears glasses, which is unusual for this era, because of her hypersensitivity to Spirit Particle Emissions, which cause her to unintentionally see Spirit Particles.
  • A member of Class 1-E. Comes from an esteemed family known for their use of “Ancient Magic.” As far as his magic skills are concerned, he is as good as the Course 1 students, but he had been unable to perform spells following an accident. But after meeting Tatsuya, he breaks out of his slump. He has been an acquaintance of Erika’s since childhood.
  • A member of Class 1-A. A top student even among the Blooms. Though quiet and gentle by nature, she can also tend to over-react, and has been known to make bold moves at times. Her specialty is Light-wave Oscillation Magic, but she tends to get better grades in Theory than in Practical Skills.
  • A member of Class 1-A. A reticent girl who rarely shows any emotion. Adept at High-output Oscillation Magic, her Practical Skills grades are second in class, following Miyuki’s among the first years. Her classmate, Honoka, has been her best friend since grade school, who is also a friendly rival.
  • The previous student council president who just graduated First High School this spring. She plans to enroll at Magic University. The eldest daughter of the Saegusa family, one of the Ten Master Clans, and she can be quite the little devil by nature.
  • The previous head of the Disciplinary Committee, who just graduated First High School this spring. She tends to be somewhat belligerent towards all things. She is best friends with her classmate, Mayumi.
  • The previous head of the Extracurricular Activities Federation. He is known as one of the “Big Three,” along with Mayumi and Mari. He is the heir to the esteemed Jumonji family, known as the “Iron Walls.”
  • Though in the same grade as Tatsuya and his classmates, she is also the commander of Stars, a USNA (United States of North America) Magician Unit, and is one of the world’s top magicians. Her nickname is “Lina.”
  • A girl who escaped from the National Defense Naval Base and is given shelter by Miyuki and the others. Although she appears to be very young, her true identity is shrouded in mystery.
  • The No. 2 magician in Stars, and his combat power can surpass even that of Lina’s in hand-to-hand combat. As a seasoned soldier, he serves as Lina’s right-hand man, who is not as experienced in combat.
  • A magician in Stars. Proficient in combat, but has a violent battle-junkie side; he is a troublemaker with a tendency to inflict excessively heavy casualties during missions.
  • A magician in Stars known among his friends as “Hardy.” Honest and reliable by nature. Wielder of the “Dancing Blades” spell, in which he manipulates dagger-form Weaponized Integrated CADs as guided projectiles.